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"People who succeed do not get lowered onto the summit, they climb with everything they have, and keep on climbing even when at times they fall … Because they know, with absolute certainty, the view from the top and that feeling of fulfilment will be worth the journey to get there."
Derek & Geraldine Mair

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“I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t want to; it made me feel so good!”

“It was just so engaging, uplifting, and genuine.”

“It’s modern; It’s relative, and it’s powerful, yet full of humility and compassion as well as practical ideas.”

RISE Like A Phoenix will open a world of wonder, one to support and nurture your deservedness and draw happiness, prosperity, abundance, calmness, confidence, control, discipline, encouragement, and success into your life.

It’s time to discover your power and use it to design the life you really want and I can show you how inside the pages of this book. So, immerse yourself in this new knowledge and start the process of elevation beyond your own conditioning towards mental toughness. Step into your greatness... Rise Strong, Accept and Soar.

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Volume 1 is remastered from the Amazon No 1 Best Seller - Reaching Your Personal Summit

Following on from the learning foundation laid in ‘Rise Like A Phoenix’ the words within the pages of these books have been written and designed with you in mind. If you have been searching for a way to see life from a whole other perspective and apply what you have learned in the first book, you’ve just found it.

Written as reference manuals for life's challenges and in language that is easy to understand with a positive no-nonsense approach the 100 inspirational passages in each book provide clarity and direction, where the associated quotes, affirmations and strategies within, when applied, have the potential to uplift the reader and help them to design a life of fulfilment and happiness...   

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Choose To Climb - 'Book of Inspirational Quotes.'

Use  the original, uplifting and motivational quotes within from Derek and Geraldine to cultivate positive energy and change the stories you are telling yourself about yourself and your life.
These quotes are not published in any other books.
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Brian Keachie

“Geraldine simply plants plentiful seeds of ideas for you to ponder, digest even debate within yourself!”

Dorothy Gibson

“Wonderful book .... I highly recommend, once you start reading, you can't put it down".

Kate Knell

“Geraldine’s thoughts and ideas are a force for good, for positivity and for living every moment."

Lee Reynolds

"Absolutely amazing book.  I love what I am reading with the hopes of putting it in action for my own life.” 

Amazon Review

"I have read countless books over the years on personal development and this is better than almost all of them."

Amazon Review

“This book is a must for all of us who want to get more from our lives, beautifully written.”

Amazon Review

"A must read... I loved this book, just read a little every day, helped me through a difficult time, and made me think about life in a more positive way."

Amazon Review

“A 10/10 book! Loved this book, so many great gems, scientific points and stories that helped me see things from a different perspective."

Amazon Review

“A real handbook for day to day living - easy to read -inspirational passages that will strike a chord with everyone.”

Amazon Review

"Geraldine has captured the words of inspiration to guide us on the right journey"

Amazon Review

"A truly inspirational read, I love this. Just pick up when you need a reminder that we are the driving force in our own life."

Amazon Review

"Fantastic, well written with simple bite size pieces of information that can be used every day"

Meet Our Founders

Derek & Geraldine Mair

Derek and Geraldine have studied behavioural and mindset shift science and techniques for over 10 years. Having applied what they have learned to help hundreds of clients reach their personal summit, their mission to awaken your consciousness to better choices and a life without limits through helping you to release the mental and emotional conditioning that is holding you back. Founders of ‘Choose To Climb’, with experienced backgrounds in leadership, counselling, psychology, wellness therapies and coaching, their first of five books; ‘Reaching Your Personal Summit’ reached No 1 Best Seller on Amazon in the UK.

“Live your flow; Love yourself; Become aware, articulate and respect your personal values; Appreciate everything you have right NOW, not least the breath in your lungs; Consciously speak your truth regardless of ‘perceived’ consequence; Set intentions for ‘every’ single task, goal or challenge you undertake from a place of love and kindness and attack them with passion as your authentic self; Never compare yourself to others or their scores, simply pursue with zeal ‘your’ personal bests; Expect many obstacles along the way and when they appear, Choose to Climb beyond them to a Life without limits.”

Derek Mair

I choose to lead by example and anyone that wishes to follow the lessons I teach, do so only in the knowledge that my duty and passion will be in revealing the greatness within them. I offer all that I know with only a desire to encourage the change for that shift to take place.

The winds of chance pass in the course of life in many ways including yours, so get ready to claim what was always intended for you and Choose to Climb.”

Geraldine Mair

Choose Knowledge; Choose Self-Empowerment; Choose Action;


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Continual Personal Development Is The Minimum Requirement For Success... 

And We Are All About Your Success

Acclimatising at Base Camp will allow you to summit and move beyond any personal mountains you Choose to Climb...

All BASE CAMP online personal development  programme modules below are included in your Membership 

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Feel The  Fear And Do It Anyway

How successful people fail their way to success by not letting fear become fate.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Develop An Attitude Of Gratitude

How to raise your personal vibrational energy and feel amazing.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Overcoming Limiting Beliefs 

How to step out of your comfort zone & become limitless.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Cultivating Your Own


How to be your authentic-self, and escape your current self constraints 

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Be Confident In Who You Are

How to be confident in yourself and courageous in your character.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

Setting Goals The Right Way

The unexpected truth about how Goal Setting has not worked for you… Yet!

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

The Astounding Power Of Forgiveness

How to release the chains that hold you to the past and consume your energy.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

Stop Worrying & Live In The Present

How your wellness is determined by the level of uncertainty you can handle... Upgrade!

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

Overcome Setbacks & Grow Resilience

How to navigate any problem or impediment by harnessing inner strength.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

Control Stress & Raise Positive Energy

How to control the stress response & find body, mind, emotional balance.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Building Positive Relationships

How to build the right relationships, with the right people & nurture over time.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 2

Coping With The Grief Of Loss

How to remember people with honour, recover from pain and enjoy living again.

£25 or 50% Member Discount

Base Camp 1

Choose Friendship; Choose Connection; Choose Positive Energy;

What can you expect from your Membership and Summit Club Global Community?

Together We Can Create A Better Tomorrow


“True visionaries are those who are never beaten by any problems; through inspired actions they always find the solutions they seek, whilst those who never search for answers will always be sinking in theirs.” Geraldine Mair

At Summit Club you will learn the fundamental about how you work and self development strategies.


If you could have done it on your own then you would have done it by now… the real difference, the ‘missing gap’ that drives lasting change is a positive reinforcing support network.

“Your true friends will be the ones that support you when you are in pain as well as celebrating your wins; this is the real measure of the bond between souls.”


“How powerful and brilliant you were born is only limited by your belief in how powerful and brilliant you are.” Derek Mair

When your internal image, thoughts, feelings and dialogue of the person you want to Be most of the time matches the person your are Being in your external reality, you will be aligned with the creation process.


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 Personal Development Talking Therapies

Ready to find out how you can live a life without limits?

Some people have stigma with the word therapy thinking it’s an extreme option, and not for me unless things get really bad… So, I should try to manage on your own. But this isn't true, and you certainly cannot fix any problem in life with the same approach that you created it with. Therefore talking, just talking, and listening to a different perspective is ok to try at any point in your life and may open whole new way forward…

Talking therapies are non-evasive 1-2-1 sessions to help you navigate thoughts, feelings and behaviours you would like to improve. Our aim is to help you recognise patterns that may not be serving you in the way you think, feel or act, and then to find ways to change them.


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"Geraldine has guided me through a difficult time in my life with compassion, empathy and a great understanding. Talking to geraldine is like talking to an old pal and I feel so comfortable expressing my feelings and emotions to her.
I deeply value the time we have spent together, and the progress Geraldine has helped me make in achieving my goals and getting out the black hole I felt I was in.

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