Hi there! I'm Geraldine, Author of 'Rise Like A Phoenix'

Are You Ready To Change Your Life For The Better?


Hi there! I'm Geraldine, Author of 'Rise Like A Phoenix'

Are You Ready To Change Your Life For The Better?

"From a humble background to supermarket worker, to manager, to business owner, to best selling self help author. I've 'created' a highly successful career as a business woman and more importantly to me as a caring human being who has shared in the sheer joy of impacting others peoples life for the better. I look forward to sharing with you my learnings from that journey"...

Geraldine Mair (Nicol) is the is the author of the Choose to Climb – Personal Development Book Series, including, 'Reaching Your Personal Summit', an Amazon No 1 best seller. As a successful business woman she founded her own Complimentary and Wellness Therapy company, working with sports people in competition preparation and with the general public in muscle injury recovery. Through her Talking Therapies she has helped hundreds of people overcome mental wellbeing issues to help turn their lives around. A fully qualified Holistic Therapist, with Diplomas is Counselling and Psychology she is sought after as a Freelance Writer and Speaker, with published articles in the Far East, Africa and Europe, and has been an acclaimed guest on podcasts in the USA and UK.

"I wrote my latest book to open your mind, reinforce your understanding, and set you free from the shackles of conditioning, replacing it instead with unlimited possibility..."

This is your chance to become a powerful creator in what you undertake from this point on. If you are in a situation in your life right now that is causing distress or unhappiness, it is essential to remember 'what you choose to accept you are refusing to change.'

In this book I will guide you to dig deep and silence your self-sabotaging thoughts. Stop holding on to standards on living a life you didn't even set; It's your choice to either take control or give it away, so I invite you now to release your restraints and RISE Like A Phoenix.

I've got a lot to share with you in my book... 

'Are you guilty of entertaining negative emotions, like shame, blame, worry, anxiety, envy, depression and resentment? Are you lacking confidence or frightened to show the world who you are? Do you fear loneliness, failure or rejection, or think you won't be accepted or loved, if people see the real you?'

Learn to free yourself from these crippling states by getting out of your own way!

Listen to my video below, and let me explain who and how this book can help...


I know you'll be curious if what's inside the book lives up to expectations... 

So Let Me Show You...

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First, what have readers said about my book...


“I couldn’t put it down. I didn’t want to; it made me feel so good!”

“It was just so engaging, uplifting, and genuine.”

"Absolutely amazing book. I love what I am reading with the hopes of putting it in action for my own life.”

George Campbell

Yes, Yes, Yes. I have read countless books over the years on personal development and this is better than almost all of them. There are other books with similar themes, none of them however informs you on such a human, compassionate and easy to read way and yet still kicks you in the backside when it’s needed. It’s modern , it’s relative, it’s powerful, yet full of humility and compassion as well as practical ideas. It is not about reading a book and suddenly everything is great in the world, however it is possible that reading that book becomes a catalyst for everything being great in your world. I think Geraldine Mair has given us all a catalyst. The author gives you hope, she raises you up and paints an accurate picture of what it takes. I love the courage the author shows in highlighting her own life, and sharing her journey. It is beautifully written, so uplifting, so engaging and so genuine you won’t want to put it down. A very talented author. Bravo !

Kate Knell

Geraldine through her eloquent use of the English language and extensive knowledge and experience, encourages us to take a closer look at ourselves and reveals how each one of us can change our path in life. She explains in a coherent way why we behave the way we do, giving insight into her own upbringing and life experiences in a respectful and sensitive way and how these forced her to make a change in her life allowing her to be the best version of herself.
She reveals to us, the reader, how our thoughts and beliefs have led us down a path in our lives but ultimately one we can change, if we choose to.

This book can be the catalyst for change in your life allowing you to be the best version of yourself possible, you won’t be disappointed.

I loved this book, I am in awe of her talent.

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This book is the first step in your transformation towards a better life and is supported by two other volumes, which are reference manuals for life's challenges with over 100 inspirational passages of clarity, strategy and direction. Remastered and updated from my original 'Choose to Climb' Amazon No 1 best seller...

Together they offer you the opportunity of discovery within  new practices deep in your subconscious mind, unveiling your 'authentic power' . One that builds a bridge to your full potential during your time in this place.

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