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My Amazing Life Plan - Online Programme and Guidebook

Live your life, your way. Start with taking this mini online course that will help you plan your journey to the life you want to lead. Use the course workbook, learnings and tools to keep you on the path to the destiny you desire, and a life without limits.

Your Programme Modules:

  1. Introduction to Your course and Download your Guidebook + 15 Steps to follow to a life without limits 
  2. Your Life Mission. Life is not about finding a purpose to create happiness; it’s about being happy and following your passion to discover fulfilment... Start Here
  3. My Dream Builder Mountain. Choose Every day to climb your mountain to fulfilment. The steps within will help you reach your goals and beyond.
  4. My Life Summits. I will build my daily rituals (RICHuals) into my life investing time in myself and my mental health to reprogram my subconscious and build a better script for my life.
  5. Be Do Have. Here’s where you really must start to think about what you want
  6. My Goals.  Your beginners guide to goal setting + your Goal Plan Action Tool



Base Camp 1 - Personal Development Online Programmes

Don’t let the fire in your soul perish in lonely frustration for the life you deserve but have never been able to reach. The world you desire exists… it is real, it is possible.. it is yours. All you need do is learn how to liberate yourself.  Start by acclimatising at Base Camp 1, using the 6 modules within this programme as a platform to summit any personal mountains you Choose to Climb...

Your Programme Modules:

  1. Feel The Fear & Do It Anyway - How To Overcome The Massive Obstacle of FEAR
  2. Develop An Attitude of Gratitude - How to Use the Great Multiplier To Feel Invincible
  3. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs - How to Create More Empowering Beliefs & Become Limitless
  4. Cultivating Your Own Self-Worth - How to Become The You, You've Always Wanted to Be
  5. Control Stress & Raise Positive Energy - How To Control The Stress Response & Find Balance
  6. Coping With The Grief of Loss - How To Recover From The Pain & Enjoy Life Again

Step Into Your Greatness And Awaken Your Consciousness To Better Choices



Base Camp 2 - Personal Development Online Programmes

Far too many choose to live their lives ambling in the foothills… BUT NOT YOU... You will only ever hit what you aim at, so aim high and climb to Base Camp 2 where at the very least you will be standing closer to your personal summits, with greater views, valuable learnings and another 6 life improvement modules to take you beyond where you thought possible. Join the Climb...

Your Programme Modules:

  1. Be Confident In Who You Are - 
    How to be confident in yourself and courageous in your character.
  2. The Astounding Power Of Forgiveness - 
    How to release the chains that hold you to the past and consume your energy.
  3. Overcome Setbacks & Grow Resilience - 
    How to navigate any problem or impediment by harnessing inner strength.
  4. Stop Worrying & Live In The Present -
    How your wellness is determined by the level of uncertainty you can handle... Upgrade!
  5. Building Positive Relationships - 
    How to build the right relationships, with the right people & nurture over time.
  6. Setting Goals The Right Way - 
    The unexpected truth about how Goal Setting has not worked for you… Yet!

Step Into Your Greatness And Awaken Your Consciousness To Better Choices



My Financial Freedom Plan - Online Programme and Guidebook

You can eliminate your financial worries, free yourself from your money anxieties and start to see a better future, the one you’ve imagined, no matter how much uncertainty you have in your life at present.

  • How to unblock and reprogram your subconscious to attract more prosperity into your life‚Ķ
  • The common mistakes people make when trying to increase their income and how to avoid them...
  • How to¬†unravel and free¬†yourself from the money-traps of lack and limitation ‚Äď and open yourself up to the¬†AMAZING¬†gifts the universe wants to give you.
  • For¬†perhaps the first time you will know your FFF figure, one of the most important numbers you need to know, and how to create abundance in your life

‚ÄúStop trying to ‚ÄėGet Rich‚Äô, as you will always measure yourself by money; Learn to ‚ÄėBe Wealthy‚Äô, and you will always measure yourself by abundance‚ÄĚ

Derek Mair


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Affirmation Videos

Each short affirmation video relates to a life challenge, so dip in and out as you need to, saying the affirmation as many times as you need to raise your energy.

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Full Membership Access;
Summit Club Global Online Community;
Online Webinars, Affirmations, Video Library, Summit Guides, With Immediate Access To My Amazing Life Plan;
Free - 1 Month Special Offer

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