Choose To Step Into Your Greatness with a Talking Therapy

Choose To Step Into Your Greatness with Talking Therapy


 Deep immersion breakthrough sessions; Redesign your future and create the life of your dreams...

Talking therapies are non-evasive 1-2-1 sessions to help you navigate thoughts, feelings and behaviours you would like to improve.

Our aim is to help you recognise patterns that may not be serving you in the way you think, feel or act, and then to find ways to change them.

Sometimes the reason that it can be so hard for us to be happy is simply because we continue to hold onto and talk about the things that have upset us. As this day draws to it's end let it go. Leave behind all the stress, all the drama and all your worries, these emotions cannot help you, they can only enable you to stay in the same place. Tomorrow is about hope, new possibilities, and the opportunity to make a better day.
Change your THINKING and you can change your LIFE! Your thoughts create your reality. Practice a positive approach, look for solutions not barriers. Act the way you want to be, believe in yourself and the miracle that is YOU, live with purpose and soon you will be the way you act.

Love G x

You may be struggling to overcome a difficult life event, such as bereavement (losing someone close to you) or losing your job. 

You may feel immobilised in your life, and without realising it perhaps affected from upsetting or traumatic recent or past experiences.

You may be dealing with difficult emotions, such as guilt, sadness, confusion, fear, anger and low self-esteem or anxiety.

You may have lost confidence in yourself, your energy is drained, and you cannot see a way forward, or perhaps you have have relationship concerns, menopausal challenges or other mental health problems...

We are here to help.

"If you don't leave your past in the past, it will destroy your future. Live for what today has to offer, not for what yesterday has taken away"

Geraldine Mair

Co-Founder of Choose To Climb


In her mid-50's Geraldine has had a varied and very successful entrepreneurial career as a manager, then as a thriving multiple business owner. She is a doting mum of 27 years and loving wife of 32 years. As a Best Selling Author she has written four Self-Help books and is a fully qualified and endorsed Holistic Therapist, holding Diplomas in Counselling and Psychology  

Talking Therapy

£60 / 45min Session

  • A safe time and place to talk to someone who won't judge you
  • Help you make sense of things and understand yourself better
  • A platform to help you resolve complicated feelings, or find ways to live with them
  • A  listening ear to help you recognise and change unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviours that are not serving you
  • Delivered over Zoom or Web Call. 
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We generally aim to help people, men and woman, within one to three sessions, (1 -3- months) though some choose regular appointments.

Our Guarantee: If you don't believe you have made a breakthrough in your perspective after one session we will refund the cost of your first session, no questions asked. 

"I looked forward to my time with Geraldine because it kinda balanced me .... I felt I had something to look forward to .... to be able to share my thoughts and worries with and not to be judged or pigeon holed.... but to be helped to see things slightly differently.... sometimes that all you need. Not big answers ... but a soul that listens to you and suggests a slightly different way of moving forward than you would normally ...... learning to break bad habits in your thinking by seeing and hearing a different perspective ... Thank you G"

"Geraldine has taught me to think outside the box and most importantly that a tough situation does not not define who I am.
As a result, I now have a greater desire to stand up tall and strong for what I believe are the best strategies in situations throughout my work and life."


Thank you so much Geraldine"

"Geraldine has guided me through a difficult time in my life with compassion, empathy and a great understanding. Talking to geraldine is like talking to an old pal and I feel so comfortable expressing my feelings and emotions to her.
I deeply value the time we have spent together, and the progress Geraldine has helped me make in achieving my goals and getting out the black hole I felt I was in.

You're an amazing lady!"

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