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Having helped hundreds of clients reach their personal summit, Derek and Geraldine Mair are behavioural and mindset shift professionals with a mission to awaken your consciousness to better choices and a life without limits through helping you to release the mental and emotional conditioning that is holding you back. Founders of ‘Choose To Climb’, with experienced backgrounds in leadership, counselling, psychology, wellness therapies and coaching, their first of five books in the Choose To Climb series; ‘Reaching Your Personal Summit’ is out now.

"The First Time Such A Personal Development Event Has Been Combined With An Uplifting Musical Extravaganza - Sing Along and Join In the Motivational Experience of Your Life Time 

Life Without Limits

email: youcan@choosetoclimb.com

Life Without Limits Seminar Tour...

With Derek & Geraldine Mair 

“You will realise your internal strength has reached a new high when obstacles and failure only serve to act as the best motivation you have ever known.”    Geraldine Mair

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Whether your aware of it or not, you are at a crossroad in your life's path...

And depending on which path you choose, right now, the rest of your life could be very different… or it could be more of the same.​

  • Do you really think what got you to where you are right now, will get you to where you want to be tomorrow and the quality of life you desire?

  • ​If you continue to be constrained by the same limiting beliefs, or allow the same emotions to sabotage you, or never learn how to improve your mindset, do you really expect your future experience to be any different?

  • Are you OK with continuing to struggle on with ordinary or are you ready to discover how to get to extraordinary and a life without limits?

Over 2.5 hours Derek & Geraldine commit to show you how. You will learn all about you, how you work and how you can  'Choose To Climb' with deeper insights from the book on 'Reaching Your Personal Summit.' and be inspired by the musical ensemble  


There is a simple and proven system to upgrade your mind, your wealth and your life. Come along to find out how...​​