Our 1-2-1 personal development programs leverage the mind-body-emotion connection, merging spirituality with neuroscience to provide a platform for you to increase your self-concept and BE your Ideal self; living your ideal life.   

Everything in our programs are the result of years of research, including Derek and Geraldine’s personal application of these scientifically proven techniques, and feedback from hundreds of clients who have used them to improve their lives and careers.

The programs combine proven and several proprietary methods all wrapped in our exclusive ‘Belief Blue Printing System©’, including:

  • Emotionalisations© (Imagination x vividness x emotional connection)
  • Emotional Intelligence and Emotional Styles System
  • Cognitive Awareness; Emotional Awareness; Conscious Awareness Re-programming© (Beyond Mindfulness)
  • Reframing and Anchoring Techniques
  • Behavioural Profiling
  • Value Driven Self Leadership
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • Broadband Perception Scripting©
  • Fulfilment Flow©
  • Meditation and Guided Meditations
  • Higher Consciousness Framework and Mental Practises©
  • Wealth Creation Neuro Re-Scripting System©
  • LifeTime Leverage System© (Energy Intent; Time Intent; Experience Intent)
  • Self Talk Affirmations

Partner Programs

  • Wellness and Homeostasis Techniques including Holistic and Complementary Therapies
  • Rehabilitation of poor habitual movement patterns providing a platform for longevity and movement freedom
  • Moon-shot Program - Start your own business and investment journey to a life of wealth and abundance 

Imagine the concept - a network of people with the same common unity (community) around the globe that actually meet face to face in small local clubs to help each other climb, summit and beyond.


Choose To Climb Coaching Programs

With Our Pathfinder Coach's

Life Without Limits Retreats

With Our Summit Leaders

“You are human and by this very fact you are flawed, you may fear but you are strong, you may falter but you are resilient, you may fall but you are equipped with the capacity to rise.”                     Derek Mair

  • Realise, that when you learn to notice and better your internal dialog, the external will reflect in better
  • Realise, that if you could have done it on your own, you would have​​​​ done it...

The real differentiator that will help to realise your ideal-self; the person you would truly like to be, if you only believed you could be that person, is through the value in our programs and support structures... A blend of science, psychology, experience and passionate people who will help you to reveal and consistently apply your greatest gift; THE GIFT OF CHOICE...  

So Choose To Climb... We commit to being your summit guides long enough to teach you how to conquer any peak by yourself, so that we can climb together, forever. 

"It is live; Person to Person; Face to  Face Social without the Media...

email: youcan@choosetoclimb.com

You are in fact perfectly imperfect in every way so we are not here to fix you as you are not broken, no one is broken...  You may however be stuck in repeat patterns that do not serve you. We are here to simply disrupt those patterns and help you choose a better path, one that will help you reach your summit and beyond. 

You know that there is potential in you as it speaks to you through longing or discontent. You may get motivated and inspired but somehow don't always follow through with sustained action...

You may already consider yourself to be successful in certain areas of your life and wish to feel abundant in all areas...

Regardless of whatever repeat states of mind you live in:

  • Realise, that the only thing holding you back, is you

Life Without Limits Seminar Tour...

With Derek & Geraldine Mair 

Deep Immersion - Breakthrough Weekend Retreatss

Your prosperity is directly related to your psychology and not to the economy, for it is your self worth that will always determine your net worth... Our Seminars, Retreats, Programs and Books are designed to help you improve both... A life of Abundance & Choice.

Choose To Climb Online Programs

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Choose To Climb - Summit Clubs...

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Life Without Limits

Our Weekend residential retreats are designed to help you to redesign your future and start to create the life of your dreams. You will experience many breakthroughs about you, gaining an understanding of why you do the things you do and more importantly how you can improve how you think, how you feel and how you act.

You will walk away with a blue print to the human operating system and receive strategies and tools that will help you to create better neuro-associations and in so doing more empowering beliefs. You will find new purpose through understanding the freedom from choice while discovering the power of your own values and how they guide your every decision.

You will learn how to overcome your mental and emotional obstacles and climb beyond your personal summit. 

"The First Time Such A Personal Development Event Has Been Combined With An Uplifting Musical Extravaganza - Listen, Learn, Enjoy and even Sing Along...  Join In the Motivational Experience of Your Life Time 

Be The Change You Wish To See...

There is a simple and proven system to upgrade your mind, your wealth and your life...​​  Over the day Derek & Geraldine will show you how to find it and teach you how to keep it. 

​The first personal development seminar musical... You cannot fix any problem in life with the same approach that you created it with... Come along to our live seminar to find out a different way and be inspired through music and learning.