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We asked 100 of our followers to tell us their deepest Fears and how they believe they hold them back in life...

We have no doubt many of our other followers will resonate with these Fears so for each unique Fear we are creating a Video series to discus them and help you to unblock the emotional anchor that is holding you back. 

False Expectations Appearing Real


The Interactive Podcast Show

With Derek & Geraldine 

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“You will realise your internal strength has reached a new high when obstacles and failure only serve to act as the best motivation you have ever known.”    Geraldine Mair

Anchor fm

Life Without Limits


Listen to the Show from the comfort of your own surroundings as we talk openly and unscripted about deeper insights from the Books. 

Listen to Geraldine read a passage, the associated quote and affirmation, and more strategies for a life without limits.

Inspirational quotes on success and lifestyle to boost your self esteem and personal development. New Podcasts released weekly...



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