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Become The Best You, You Can Be

Your Ideal self, the person you would truly like to be if you only believed you could be that person; YOU CAN


Our Process

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No matter where you are on your journey we will help you through our books, summit clubs, seminars, workshops, retreats and programs go beyond your summit and choose to climb forever...

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Derek and Geraldine have studied behavioural and mindset shift science and techniques for over 10 years. Having applied what they have learned to help hundreds of clients reach their personal summit, their mission to awaken your consciousness to better choices and a life without limits through helping you to release the mental and emotional conditioning that is holding you back. Founders of ‘Choose To Climb’, with experienced backgrounds in leadership, counselling, psychology, wellness therapies and coaching, their first of five books in the Choose To Climb series; ‘Reaching Your Personal Summit’ reached No 1 Best Seller on Amazon in the UK.

Watch the Introduction Video to Discover How To Awaken Your Consciousness To Better Choices & A Life Without Limits....

Our Purpose


To awaken your consciousness to better choices and a life without limits

We believe that your imagination will always be stronger than anything you have learned or knowledge that has been passed to you.

We believe that the most influential avatars of the past knew how to harness their thoughts and feelings long enough to engage an internal energy that created an abundant reality.

We believe that when you learn to understand emotionally and consciously as well as cognitively, you will ask better questions of yourself that will form better beliefs.

We believe that gratitude is the great multiplier and practicing it often will help you to live consistently in a more beautiful state, with a higher level of consciousness.​​

We believe that when you switch your psychology from one of striving to one of arriving; you will realise that you are already an amazing individual with a wealth of present choice.      

We believe that you will not “believe it when you see it”; It is only when you believe it, you will see it.

We believe that you can direct your noticing to notice what you are noticing and only then can you notice the story you are telling yourself and set about writing a new one that other people will take better notice of.

We believe that to dream of a better life is to be alive and to be alive is to realise you have the ability and freedom to choose a better life”

Our Promise

Derek & Geraldine Mair

Be A Choose To Climb Sherpa

Simply carry our books and share the strategies within to help others find better paths...

"When your actions in this life create the foundations that inspire many to do more for others you will have left an enduring legacy in this world."

Learn about the person you want to become and the values you wish to live your life by;

Believe in yourself based on your learnings about that person & the values you're going to live your life by;

Dream passionately about that person everyday, and all that person can be, based on your belief in yourself, & values;

Dare to be that person NOW and make your dreams become reality, based on your belief in yourself & your values;

Learn, Believe, Dream, Dare, Do, Become & give Love and Gratitude to that Person, because it’s Your True You! 

To educate and guide you to different paths, empowering you  to reach your personal summit and beyond.

When you ask us to listen to you we promise to do just that and not to start giving you advice.

When you ask us to listen to you we promise to do just that and not trample on your feeling by telling you why you shouldn’t feel that way.

When you ask us to listen to you we promise to do just that and not to fail you, strange as that may seem, by trying to do something immediately to solve your problem…

All you asked of us was to listen to you, not talk or do - just to hear you.

When we do something for you that you can and need to do for yourself we contribute to your challenge… You are an amazing person with endless possibilities and we know you can do for yourself; you maybe discouraged and faltering, but not helpless.

We accept as a simple fact that you do feel what you feel, no matter how irrational, so you can stop trying to convince us and we can get about the business of understanding what’s behind this irrational feeling.

email: youcan@choosetoclimb.com

Life Without Limits